"ADVENTURIST" Premium Adjustable Foot pegs Version 2.0

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Presenting Adventurist Foot pegs 2.0

Introducing the Helicoil Mounting mechanism which restricts Aircraft Grade Aluminium Mounting point from wear and tear and holds 600 kgs pay load. (Lab Load Test results) 

So it's better Durability for the long run. 

Version 2 gets all new Aesthetically designed Rubber pads to have more traction on all adventures and better Quality Nitrile Rubber.  


This product will completely replace existing Footpegs stock set up, Providing with max comfort while saddling in off-road riding as well as highway cruising thanks to the wider surface area, Die-Cast stainless steel build durable and built to last, can be mounted in its original position or can be lowered by 16mm, Lowering footpegs gives the rider more bike to squeeze between his legs, lowers the center of gravity and effectively raises the bars when standing, Moulded Nitrile material Detachable rubber surface Reduces Vibration and provides more traction.

It is a perfect companion for your everyday adventures.

  • High-quality, corrosion-resistant, Die-cast stainless steel Foot pegs
  • Detachable Rubber pads made of Nitrile Rubber
  • Patented Design
  • An aluminum alloy mount ensures that the footrest can fold out of the way if the bike tips over.
  • 6061 Aircraft grade CNC VMC Machined Aluminum Mount 
  • Helicoil Mechanism Mounting gives better quality & Better Load bearing capacity
  • Lab load tested product takes 600kgs load capacity
  • New Rubber Pads aesthetically designed for more traction
  • No sharp edges
  • Product dimensions 60x90x55
  • Weighs approx 800 grams (400 grams each)
  • The product gets a 3year warranty on manufacturing Defects, not against accidental or natural calamities.

What's included in the package:-

  1. 2 x Stainless Steel Foot Pegs
  2. 2 x Detachable Rubber Pads
  3. 2 x CNC Machined Aircraft Grade Aluminum Mount
  4. 2 x Torsion Spring (Only for Select Models)
  5. 4 x High Strength Stainless Steel Mounting Hardware.