About us


We are Motourenn! Moto-Tour-Renn , as in motorcycle-touring-racing (Renn - Racing in german). Our products will make your life easier on your motorcycle whether you are into touring, racing or even grocery shopping! (we all can agree on that for being Indians, right?) As the manufactures fail to get the accessories that can make the motorcycle much more usable, we come into picture to fill-in these gaps.


Our Journey began in May 2019 as Automel when we wanted to build utility-based accessories for KTM Dukes and the newly launched ADV-390 which needed a good amount of aftermarket parts as there was no offering from the company at that time. We started off with the tail tidy kit for the Duke. Every product takes good amount of research and development with trials, samples and real-world testing to meet the needs and check the quality. Now we are back with a brand new identity and lots of homework on our products keeping two main things in mind, which is quality and utility of the product. We have made almost all the possible products focusing on the ADV-390, so now it’s time to move on to other segments of motorcycles. Stay tuned with us as we prepare to serve you the plethora of products to suit your needs.