Royal Enfield 650 Twin - Radiator Guard

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Looking for radiator guards to protect your motorcycle from stones and muck? Look no further than Motourenn! Our high-quality guards act as a sacrificial barrier to prevent damage to your precious radiators in case of high-speed stone chips or other debris.

Crafted from high-precision laser-cut, cold-rolled industrial-grade steel, our radiator guards are built to last. We even grit blast them before powder coating to ensure the paint adheres strongly to the surface, increasing its longevity.

At Motourenn, we value our customers' feedback and have developed our Royal Enfield 650 Twin radiator guards from 1.6mm thickness stainless steel CRCA, which has been heat-treated to provide a rust-free experience.

Our radiator guards are available in a powder-coated matte black finish and fit Royal Enfield Interceptor 650 and GT650 models. With Motourenn's radiator guards, you can be ready to haul and ride with confidence.